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Gersha Porter, M.S., Associate Broker

About Gersha


The journey of going from a happy homeowner to an unexpected tenant is a life event that we’re never really prepared for.

I know the story all too well.

I went from owning over $3 Million dollars in real estate to being a tenant for 9 years.

I can recall feeling hopeless as I remembered the joy of previously owning a home. During this time, I was also a realtor advising other future homeowners how to position themselves to buy their first home or own again. 

I felt like such an imposter. How could I successfully empower other people to create their happily ever after, yet I still was silently renting and wanting to become a homeowner again too?

Fast forward to today… the date finally came that my foreclosure dropped off my credit report; I saved enough money and was motivated enough to get back in the market to buy a home.

In October 2019, my life changed. I became a homeowner again!

Today, I coach Black families when they are ready to SILENCE the SHAME of no longer being a homeowner!

I give them the confidence to go from STUCK to UNSTOPPABLE so their mindset is HEALTHY and no longer holding them HOSTAGE!

Hi, I’m Gersha Porter, M.S., Associate Broker and Realtor of nearly 20 years. 

Are you ready to begin your journey to OWN AGAIN?